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When you have replaced your concrete deck, drive, and walkways with brick and stone pavers it is an expensive upgrade that adds beauty and value to your home.


It's up to you to protect your investment by using reputable paver maintenance specialists, concrete sealing services, or driveway sealing companies to ensure the beauty and integrity of your pavers for years to come.


Whether your pavers are newly installed or have been in place for some time, cleaning and sealing or repairing your brick pavers can help protect against the following:

  • Fading

  • Staining

  • Chipping

  • Cracking

  • Efflorescence (white, crystalline deposits) on bricks

When searching for concrete or brick paver sealing contractors, look no further than Absolute Power Washing and Paver Sealing.


We clean, seal, and restore all stone and concrete surfaces using our unique, proprietary methods involving non-slip, non-skid shield technology. We also handle sealing travertine pavers.

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When you call on Absolute Power Washing and Paver Sealing to protect and beautify your pavers, stone and concrete surfaces, our friendly, expert and professional technicians will arrive on your property in a timely fashion.


Our proprietary method ensures a beautiful and long-lasting surface for years to come.

We begin by thoroughly and carefully cleaning and treating the surface to be sealed. This step is essential to the integrity of the job and an area that many other companies can't compete in.


A professionally completed job requires that the surface be entirely free of dirt, debris, mold and mildew before any sealant is applied. We use a combination or water-based and solvent-based cleaners, depending on the age and condition of the surface being treated.

There are a number of options for the finished look of your sealed pavers, from a high-gloss wet look, to a more matte semi-gloss finish. 

Depending on the size of the area being cleaned and restored, as well as weather conditions, we can usually complete the job in a couple of days.

Our mission is to provide the best, longest-lasting finish as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption.

Do you have efflorescence on your pavers?

A white cloudy hazing over your pavers.

It’s common to see brick pavers that have been in place for some time to turn white or show a slight white hazing over the pavers. To the untrained eye, this can appear to be the surface of the brick fading or wearing down. In actuality, it’s a condition known as efflorescence and in most cases can be easily removed during our pavers sealing process.

Efflorescence happens when water containing salts is able to penetrate the surface of the brick or stone. Over time, there are repeated cycles of water penetrating and evaporating from the surface. Every time the water evaporates, the salt that was contained in the water remains on the surface of the brick, leaving a white residue.

The appearance of the salt residue can be more or less noticeable depending on the color and finish of the surface, with brick showing efflorescence most often due to its darker color and smooth surface. Clay brick is also very porous.

Florida obviously provides all of the right conditions for efflorescence to occur due to our proximity to the sea and brackish water sources. Salty water can even penetrate by way of rain, which Central Florida receives an abundance of.

Efflorescence is also present in new pavers in time as the pavers start to settle. In Sarasota and Bradenton, especially Lakewood Ranch, Pavers are made from crushed shell. Those pavers have a recommended wait time of 6 months before sealing after installation. This time allows the pavers to settle and expel any extra calcium from the crushed shell in manufacturing. Treating pavers before sealing for Efflorescence is a great way to protect your investment. Pavers that are sealed too early or without treating for Efflo risk seeing Hazing on your driveway or patio pavers. 

Here is how we handle Efflo

How do we treat and prevent efflorescence?

Before the white hazy finish can be removed (Efflo), the surface must be inspected to determine the cause of water intrusion or reason for efflo. Beyond the simple porosity of the surface, other causes of water intrusion can include improperly caulked or sealed joints, eroded mortar joints in copings or sills, water coming from behind walls due to roofing integrity issues, cracks in the masonry, or even problems inherent in the building materials themselves, or from leaking sprinkler systems near or under paver areas.

Once the cause or causes or water intrusion are identified and remediated, the next step is removal of the efflorescence itself. Our trained experts at Absolute Power Washing and Paver Sealing will assess the situation and select the appropriate removal method that proves effective. In some cases, chemical removal may be indicated.

The final step in remediating efflorescence is preventing future damage by applying a premium high content solids based sealant. It’s key to ensure the source of water penetration be identified and fixed prior to sealing, since efflorescence happens internally. If sealer is applied and the water problem persists, you will continue to have a problem with efflorescence.

Only a professional can fully diagnose and treat this issue. If you suspect efflorescence on your brick or stone call us for a free quote today!

How To Maintain 

your pavers

While we all love living and working in Florida, we definitely have a unique ecosystem that brings with it unique challenges to all household exterior surfaces. That’s why it’s especially important to deal with a local company that understands these unique challenges and how to fix and prevent them.

One such common Florida challenge is controlling the formation of algae. The most common types of algae to affect porous brick, stone and concrete pavers are green and black algae. Being conscientious with maintaining your pavers can actually exacerbate the issue since algae thrives in moisture. If your pavers are located under a shaded area, the problem can be a lot harder to control.

Aside from being unattractive, algae can pose a problem with slips and falls, especially for those with infirm footing or where algae appear on sloped surfaces.

Suspected algae growth is another problem you’ll want to have a professional examine. Many times, algae grow in conjunction with fungi. Many people assume algae and fungi are the same, but they are two distinctly different biological forms, each necessitating different treatment methods. Fungi and algae thrive and grow together in a symbiotic relationship.

The removal of algae and fungi is labor intensive and requires a combination of elbow-grease and chemical treatment. Aside from avoiding the hard work, you also need to be careful with the chemical treatment, as the best tools for the job will depend on the type of stone being treated.

Once again, once your concrete, stone or brick has been cleared of the algae and fungi infestation, you’ll want to minimize future contact with moisture as much as possible, and of course, have Absolute Power Washing and Paver Sealing use our proprietary, best-in-class water sealing technology keep any water that does reach your pavers from penetrating and staying.

why choose us for your Paver Sealing needs?

Absolute Power Washing and Paver Sealing has been around for over 5 years. We are not a fly-by-night contractor who is in business to make a quick buck and run. We will be around long after the job is completed and your satisfaction is our priority.


Our mission is to do the job right the first time with as little disruption to you as possible.


With fast, free quotes, a 2-year workmanship warranty, a 5-star Google rating, professional experts and more, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call.


We can help with these and more:

  • Sealing brick pavers – driveway, patios/porches, pool decks

  • Sealing stone – flagstone, pavers, decorative

  • Sealing concrete – pool decks, sidewalks, driveways

  • Sealing bricks – walls, buildings

  • Sealing Tile - Roofs

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